With offices in Huntington CT and Boston MA, Insite Design Group creates custom high-end residential and commercial designs throughout New England. Insite Design Group is best recognized for its creative design approach on all its projects. Our designs reflect a strong attention to detail and effective use of space which make our projects memorable. It is our view that each project is client specific and we work to create custom solutions that respond to the client's wishes.

Among our many interests is our passion to create sustainable architecture. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Insite's strong approach to sustainable design influences our decisions from the initial concepts to the completion of construction. We are well versed in applying innovative techniques and materials in order to meet the important objectives of "green" building.

We at Insite Design Group are fully committed to the highest standard of design and service. We find that great designs directly arise from the close collaboration of client, designer and the project environments.